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S14 DMAX D1SPEC Reinforced tie rod Type R

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The DMAX D1SPEC reinforced Tie Rod Type R has a much wider adjustment range than the conventional reinforced tie rod. These can be used for vehicles with standard knuckles, modified knuckles and extended lower control arms. Many reinforced tie rods increase the steering angle by inserting spacers, but D-MAX products are integrally molded, so they have the effect of increasing strength and steering angle.


Rod diameter Ф25
Rod thickness 6mm
Adjustment method Turnbuckle type
Adjusting screw pitch 1.5mm
Adjustment width 50mm

* Compared to the genuine product, the cutting angle of the washer is greatly increased by 5 mm. * When installing this product, please adjust it on the rack side.

Compatible Vehicles

S14 / S15 (with HICAS)

A31 / C33 / ECR33 / ER34 / C34 / C35 / HCR32

Off road/race use only

We only ship this product within Australia. Please contact us for international shipping.